Community Histories

Riceville: Settlement, 3 mi. W of Verret: Saint-Hilaire Parish and Baker Brook Parish, Madawaska County: established 1872: possibly named for Francis Rice, Madawaska MLA 1850-1855: it included community of Colin: PO Colin 1909-1951 with Edward Colin as first postmaster: also included settlement of Ouellette: today Riceville is a dispersed community. (Francis Rice – Date of Entry – 1823)

Riley Brook: Flows W into Tobique River. Said to be named for a man drowned there. On Saunders 1842, thus not for for a draft eveader as noted by Bailey 1894.

Riordon: Settlement on Chaleur Bay, 1 mi. NE of Pokeshaw, on road to Grande-Anse: New Bandon Parish, Gloucester County: PO 1890-1913 with John J. Riordon as postmaster: in 1898 Riordon was a farming and lumbering community with 1 store, 1 hotel, 1 saw and grist mill and a population of 50: became part of Pokeshaw.

Roach: Settlement, 3 mi. S of Cork, on Canadian Pacific Railway line from Cork Station to Harvey: Manners Sutton Parish, York County: was settled about 1850: it was named for Michael Roach, settler: abandoned by 1903: today Roach is a locality.

Rooskey Lake: Hurd Lake – W of Loch Alva. Named for Samuel Proudfoot Hurd, a land grantee there. Mahood 1837 Rooskey lake, named for a lake in Co. Cavan, Ireland.