Community Histories

Lawfield: Settlement, 4 mi. W of Lower Gagetown, on road to Summer Hill: Gagetown Parish, Queens County: named for Michael Law, from Ireland, 1829; PO 1875-1891 and 1897-1912: in 1898 Lawfield was a farming settlement with 1 post office and a population of 25: now within CFB Gagetown.

Limestone: Settlement, 2 mi. S of Debec: Richmond Parish, Carleton County: was settled about 1834 and first named Ivey Corner for George and Sampson Ivey, settlers: also called O’Donnell Settlement: was renamed Limestone for lime burnt there and taken to market: today it is a dispersed community.


Lindsay: Settlement, 2 mi. W of Jacksontown: Wakefield Parish, Carleton County: it was settled about 1820 by Alexander, William and Robert Lindsay from Ireland: PO 1856-1937: in 1866 Lindsay’s Seventh Tier was a farming settlement with about 65 families including Alexander Sr. and Jr., Thomas and William S. Lindsay: in 1871 Lindsay and the nearby community of Meduxnikeag had a population of 370: in 1898 Lindsay had 1 post office, 2 churches and a population of 150: today it is a railway point.

Linton: Former settlement, 2 mi. E of Bartletts Mills, on road to Bocabec: Saint Patrick Parish, Charlotte County: named for James Linton, a settler from Ireland in 1819.


Lisson Settlement: Community, 2 mi. E of Markhamville and 2 mi. N of Londonderry: Sussex Parish, Kings County: named for Irish settlers who came from Ireland about 1842: in 1866 Lisson Settlement was a farming community with approximately 16 resident families including those of John Sr., John Jr., and Thomas Lisson: PO 1894-1929 with Thomas Lisson as first postmaster: in 1904 Lisson Settlement had 1 post office, 1 cheese factory and a population of 175: today it is a dispersed community.

Londonderry: Settlement, 5 mi. E of Hammondvale and 3 mi. SE of Markhamville: Hammond Parish, Kings County: settled by immigrants from Ireland about 1830 and named for Londonderry in Ulster: PO Londonderry Settlement 1853-c1880: in 1866 Londonderry was a farming community with approximately 45 resident families: in 1866 it included Anderson Settlement a small farming community with about 5 families including those of Samuel, Thompson and William Anderson: PO Londonderry c1880-1926: in 1871 Londonderry had a population of 200: in 1898 it had 1 post office, 1 store, 1 sawmill and a population of 100: today Londonderry is a dispersed community.

Long Settlement: Former community, 6 mi. E of Markhamville: Waterford Parish, Kings County: Thomas Long, an Irish settler, arrived about 1819: in 1866 Long Settlement was a farming community with approximately 11 resident families.