Community Histories

Ellis Brook: Flows NW into Chaleur Bay, at Janeville. Named for Francis Ellis from Bandon, Ireland, c1818

Emigrant Settlement: Former community, 3 mi. W of Central Hampstead: Hampstead Parish, Queens County: settled 1835 by Irish immigrants: also known as Hibernia Settlement.

Ennishone: Settlement, 3 mi. N of Drummond and 3 mi. NE of Grand Falls: Drummond Parish, Victoria County: probably named for Innishowen, County Donegal in Ireland: settled in 1861: PO 1887-1936: in 1866 Ennishone was a community with about 24 families: in 1898 Ennishone was a settlement with 1 post office and a population of 100: included community of Godbout: today Ennishone is a dispersed community.

Ennishore: Violette Station: Settlement and station, 1 mi. NE of Drummond, on Canadian National Railway line to Davis Mill: Drummond Parish, Victoria County: Emilie Violette was a settler: the station was also called Ennishore and Drummond Station: Violette Station became part of Drummond.

Enniskillen: Settlement, 2 mi. NE of Patterson, on road to Petersville: Petersville Parish, Queens County: settled about 1826 by Irish: first known as Adair Settlement: renamed for town SW of Omagh in Ireland: in 1871 Enniskillen had a population of 150 and was a station on the European and North American Railway: PO Enniskillen Station 1870-1882 and from 1883: in 1898 Enniskillen Station was a flag station on Canadian Pacific Railway and a community with 1 post office, 1 store, 1 hotel and a population of 75: included Blakely, 1 mi. E of Enniskillen: PO Blakely 1888-1911 with John Blakely as postmaster: in 1898 Blakely was a farming community with 1 post office, 1 store and a population of 75: today Enniskillen is a dispersed community.